Sunday, May 22, 2011

American professor in Rome

Since this is an "off weekend" for the University of Florida in Italy trip, we ventured out for a turn-and-burn trip to Roma for the day.

This city offers history, culture, and more people than I care to see in any one place.  The line to get into St. Peter's was almost six blocks long.  We did battle the masses to see the coliseum. It's in one way a travesty, to consider the murder and death that took place in this location.  We learned that for some theatrical events, the Romans would dip Christians in oil, put them on poles and burn them to light the stage for the performance.

But from out of the historical ugliness of Rome comes a great civilization that created majestic infrastructure and art.  Trevi fountain (completed in 1762) is an amazing compilation of sculpture that attracted thousands on this day.  We pitched a few coins over our shoulder into the water - can't tell you what I wished for!

Our entire U of FL crew is headed back to Roma next week.  I plan to venture out more and explore the roots of Christianity in several key locations.

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