Friday, May 27, 2011

Predestination and the Italian revelation

Photo courtesy Steve Johnson
One essential element of travel abroad is opening of the mind to new ways of doing life, alternative cultures, and an overall expansion of the human experience.

I do an ample amount of pondering and mediation while wandering the globe.  From these disciplines come new perspectives and revelations on how I choose to walk this earth.  It may seem rather introspective, but I do try to better myself by becoming closer to God.  I have found that my Lord speaks the most when I am operating outside my normal cocoon.

This blog post may seem too esoteric or religious.  One blog reader recently commented "this blog sucks."  It may to him/her, but in the end it is my blog and this is my digital soapbox.

My thought on the day regards predestination, that is, those individuals who are predetermined to follow God, and those who are not.  I don't claim to fully understand this precept of Christianity, but I have come to acknowledge that some folks live really well independent of God.  They are satisfied, successful, and make good life decisions.  But then again there are others, much like myself, who over many years of struggle have found that they're wired to be dependent on God.  It's who I am, and I operate in a much better place when I am synced with the Lord and thankful for what He is giving me.

At present, I thank the Lord for this opportunity, to travel with friends and serve students, to interact and collaborate on thoughts with the faculty, to see the world through an international lens.  I don't see life being this good on my own; I can't believe I manipulated this outcome.  This is a wonderful season of life and for some reason, God decided to give old master man a spiff.

We all need to find our best place as we walk this planet.  For me, it's being appreciative and thankful to God.

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  1. Nice post, Tom. Timely on this anniversary of John Calvin's death. Grace to you.