Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pierce Brosnan in Sorrento

Our Italian/academic crew had a fine dinner this past Saturday evening; we enjoyed the on-the-water views offered at Delfino's in Sorrento.

Just as our meal was being served, former "007" actor Pierce Brosnan made his way past us and transitioned quickly down the path.  It's clear he doesn't like gawkers and discouraged any interaction with us or other bystanders.  I was shocked he didn't want to stop and interact with master competitor, but that said I was pretty busy pushing pasta into my pie hole and didn't have a lot of time to chat.

Did a bit of research and learned that Brosnan was in town for the making of a new movie "All You Need is Love."  It's described as a "funny comedy centered on the adventures of a Danish family."

There's much to be said for being a world traveler.


  1. Anonymous3:55 AM

    I was sat in a sea front restaurant in Positano yesterday (16 May) & who should come strolling past right in front of us but the man himself Mr Pierce Brosnan. Funnily enough the day before that we were sat having a coffee at the main Piazza in Sorrento.... & blow me Pierce strolled past us to go to church!!

  2. Gotta love those movie PR people. Let's hope it's a "funny comedy." Any other kind of comedy is not good.

  3. David4:12 PM

    Just walked past him on a tiny street in sorrento.

  4. Anonymous10:39 PM

    I was at Delfino's in Sorrento on May 11th as well as Mr. Brosnan. He sat inside with 5-6 other guests at his table. All other patrons were seated on the lani.

    He did venture to the end of the pier to get a closer look at the fireworks being diplayed in the distance. I didn't notice when he returned to his table but my sister was certain of his presence. I made a trip to the ladies room to confirm and was pleased to find him standing in the walkway talking to Andrea.

    I hope he enjoyed the Sea Bass as much as I did.
    It certainly was a great addition to the stories of our time in Italy.