Monday, May 16, 2011

Paying for the pottie in Italy

No, that isn't a look of dedication en route from Sorrento to the island of Capri.

Rather, it's the marked expression of a man who has to hold his water based on lack of bathroom accommodations.

Public potties are few and far between.  While in the US of A, we are prompted to hydrate frequently and void whenever necessary.  Without easy access to the pause that refreshes, I have existed in a state of dehydration.  It's easier to run dry than to exist in a terrible state of having to go...without an option to do so.

I'm getting into that Flomax stage of life where one needs to drain rather soon after drinking.  So it's become the norm to search for any and all options.  That leads me to the .5 Euro (75 cent) pay potties.  Sometimes pay = clean and that's not a bad value, but in other cases pay can mean a nasty portapottie just off the trail near Mount Vesuvius.

When a pee costs 75 cents, it can be designated a hobby.  I made sure to extract an extra measure of joy from my urination break at Vesuvius; might as well appreciate how I spend my cash while on vacation.

We're back in Florence so it's a bit easier to plan the pause that refreshes, either at the apartment or at the AIFS student offices.  But wherever I am, there's no way I'm leaving home without some change in my pocket in the event I need to revert to the pay-as-you-go plan.

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