Thursday, May 05, 2011

Master Competitor in Florence, Italy
It took a mere 36 hours to get to the wonderful, historical Florence, Italy:

  • Drive from Boone for Greensboro 2:30 am Monday
  • Flight from Greensboro, NC to Miami
  • 6 hour layover
  • 9 hour flight to Paris
  • 7 hour layover
  • 2 hour flight to Rome
  • 4 hour bus ride to Florence

All that said, we're here intimate group of 94 U of FL students and our support group of 9 instructors and assistants.

I'll be out on my first run today, securing the master man run loop.  Friday I hook up with the local run club and Sunday I'm in for the local 10K.

Gotta love this life.  A world perspective makes things deeper and more meaningful.

Stay tuned for endurance sport updates from the land of pizza and pasta.


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