Sunday, May 29, 2011

Italy: Not better, not worse, simply different

Photo courtesy Steve Johnson
We're locked and loaded to make our exit tomorrow morning.  One magical month in Italy is concluded.  Our going away dinner is this evening and I hope to make a few remarks.  As always, it's a wonderful time to reflect on what was, and what is to be.

My season of life in the business world is headed into its twilight years. I still hold a pretty strong sense regarding "the art of the deal" and have good discernment on when and how to act and react.  But that said, it's become more about the students I teach and interact with. It's their time in life to rise and grow and build successful careers.

Italy has raised my perceptions, reminded me once again that our world operates in many diverse ways.  From the power outlets to the toilets to the way traffic flows, there are many flavors.  And in the end they all get the job done.  My "norm" may not fit in well at times, but that's my issue.

So I'll salute these students, my faculty cohorts, and the wonderful support staff from this trip.  I'll leave them with the master competitor "thumbs up" and a heartfelt "journey on."

I am appreciative, thankful and embrace my time and place in life.  It's a privilege to live the adventures of master man. That's not to say my life is better or worse than yours; it's just different.

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