Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Italian (dis)connection...read the labels!

Old master man needed to keep the toiletry supply well stocked while in Florence, so I made good use of the 99 cent store for my goods.  One common use product is face and hand soap, so I grabbed what of course looked to be the proper container in the bathroom section.

I've had great use from this high value product for over two weeks.  Then I took a closer look at the label and "igiene intima" took me to a completely different place.  My hand soap was actually a female private parts cleanser!

Being an American abroad does offer its challenges.  I'm compiling a "Yada/Nada" list for sometime soon.  I want to capture my likes and dislikes from this trip.  Here's an example:

Yada:  Delicious 5 Euro ($7.50) pizzas, made hot and fresh in wood-heated ovens.

Nada: Incessant smoking by Italians.  I have been blasted by second hand fumes every moment of every day. It's in the culture but in my plans for a healthy lifestyle.

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