Friday, May 06, 2011

Florence by Bike

Did a quick web search and came upon one of the top (and only) retail bike shops in Florence - Florence by Bike.  It's a jam packed store with more inventory that most of us have every seen in one place (check out retail shop in top photo and rental/warehouse location in bottom photo).

Web site is

Service personnel are friendly and encourage browsing...that is, if you can fit between the aisles to shop!  I didn't recognize some of the brand names, so was doing component comparisons in an attempt to understand the magnitude of the equipment.

Today, I shot the gap between the 99 cent store and 5000 Euro bicycles.  Have to love the diversity in merchandise.

We're hoping to put together a bike excursion with students, so hopefully there will be another report soon.

Bottom line, if you're traveling to Florence, make Florence by Bike a must-see destination.

Buon Giorno!

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  1. Thanks, I plan on being there next year with the wife for our 10 wedding anniversary.