Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Strange sites in Florence

Some images from our wanderings in Florence will forever remain burned in the back of my brain...such as this character we found wandering along the "beach" on the River Arno.  We're not sure but it seems he's moving towards a replica Burning Man artifact.

We're locked and loaded to roll to Rome tomorrow morning.  I plan to get up at 5 am in order to get one last run in Cascine Park prior to our departure at 8 am.

It's all good but time to go.  Three weeks in Florence done and gone.  To that end:

Yada - the safety of Florence.  Despite a rather large city, the streets are safe at any hour.

Nada - competitive walking.  Narrow sidewalks and throngs of tourists make navigating a pain in the hind quarters.  After three weeks, one major theme differentiates us (seasoned tourists) from them (new incoming visitors):  We know exactly where we are going...and you have no idea of where you are.  I want to walk; you want to stop and stare.  In the meantime the sidewalk is clogged to a standstill while cars and buses and scooters whiz by inches from the curb.  Gridlock!

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