Friday, May 13, 2011

Burn calories like Thor
Don't know if you're ready to embrace the new epic Thor film, but irrespective of your interest in the plot, master competitor readers may be attracted to the workout plan of new action star Chris Hemsworth.

This actor/athlete had to beef up big time to play the muscular super hero.  I read an interesting piece in Men's Health on how his workout plan came together.  Check out this formula for calorie calculation:

Target weight x (hours of workouts/week + 10) = target food calories per day.

Based on my dream weight of 155 x (12 hours of workouts + 10) = 3410 calories a day

Sounds like a ton to me, that would make me a fatty fat man.  Of course, my metabolism is slow and low, not that of a young man like Hemsworth - his furnace burns with a bigger flame.

The Thor plan might be just more media fodder, but on the other hand it's enlightening to keep abreast of the lastest concepts in fitness.

We made the trip on a super train from Florence to times cooking along at 185 mph.  Then a bus to Sorrento.  Headed to the island of Capri today, more to report soon.

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