Friday, May 20, 2011

U of FL in Italy: Exanding the academic mind

Photo courtesy Steve Johnson
We're have one great time teaching and traveling in Italy.  It's fun to be part of the the Italy study abroad program as a PhD "alumni" and be back on the crew for another journey with the University of Florida.

This is my fourth installment on the Journalism & Mass Communication world tour. One element that impresses me time and again is the attitude of program management to ensure safety for all students.  Protocols and control systems are always in place, so that each student can be assured that there's a plan if they need assistance or help.

I'm learning each day from this wonderful group of professionals.  Whether it's teaching skills I can take back to Appalachian State (thanks Norm for your excellent insight into ethics) or the overall character building that occurs among this group, I'm thankful to be included.

We had an A+ experience in Cinque Terre today, headed to Roma tomorrow.  Can't get much better than this.

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