Friday, April 29, 2011

If you're running out of options and the last resort is letting the doc into your knee or shoulder with a scope, maybe there's another course of action.

According to Dr. David I. Minkoff, M.D., that option may be prolotherapy.  This rather radical approach to rehab excludes ice, heat, and anti-inflammatory such as Motrin.  Instead, it's based on the theory of "ligament laxity." Minkoff says that prolotherapy is painful based on multiple injections into the joint, but that he has an 80% success rate. He believes the treatment will get the ligaments tightened up and back in place.

Just what is the magic juice?  It's an injectable form of Traumeel, some other holistic mix called Zeal, and the doc says once in a while he'll pop you with a bit of human growth hormone.  This form of "extra other stuff" will get deep into the joint and it's there that the purported healing occurs.

Dr. Minkoff claims he ripped his groin big time, couldn't walk or run, had prolotherapy treatments and was back training in seven days.

Most of these treatments won't be covered by your insurance carrier, so you'll be investing about $155 an injection,  with $50 additional for a second joint on the same treatment.  Check it out at  Master man would need to research this a bit more, but the premise is intriguing.

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