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Adverse effects from EAS 100% Whey Protein
I'm a big Sam's Club there weekly for the best bargains in town. On my visit last week, I picked up a 5 pound bag of EAS 100% Whey Protein.  I have been thinking about the benefits of whey...positive relationship with lower blood pressure, better assimilation into the muscles after workouts, and more grams of protein per serving.

One of my biggest barriers to whey is perception, in that I don't like to know I'm anywhere near bovine growth hormone.  But unless you plan to break the bank for organic whey protein from grass fed cows, you could be ingesting hormone residue.

I tried the EAS product once, standard mix in my smoothie - and was sick all day. Terrible headache, stomachache, and overall dizziness.  I thought I might have used too much powder; two scoops in about 24 ounces of juice and some frozen fruit.

The next night, I tried again, using one scoop in about 12 ounces of coconut milk. Once again, I had a pinging headache and aches all over.  I'm not sure what's the rub with this product; I've been ingesting protein supplements for over 30 years and never had a problem.  It's my belief some of the newer products are over-engineered.  They are truly super-foods, but making not so super on my system.

Albert Einstein stated the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  I was feeling insane over being sick again, so today I said "no whey" and took the stuff back to Sam's.

I went straight to the health supplement section and grabbed another bag of Naturade soy protein meal replacement.  This stuff tastes great and goes down smooth.

It feels good to be back into the safe zone.


  1. wow I have had no problems with eas whey1 scoop after every workout for years

  2. Lactose intolerant? I don't eat dairy anymore but an accidental dose of whey wreaks havoc on my insides more than cheese, milk, etc.

  3. each people is unique so i guess that wasnt just your brand though

    whey protein

  4. whey protein has been proved as one of the excellent choices for those who love to enjoy an improved health. This is very helpful and gives fruitful results to athletes who need lot of energy to carry out their workouts. This helps them to maintain good physique as they need lot of protein in their diet. Thanks a lot.

  5. is Whey Proteins benificial for body building ???


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