Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Impact! Body Plan and pulse zones
I'm back into a subscription to Men's Health magazine. This pub is one stop shopping for exercise, fitness, diet and love life. Can't go wrong when someone has all the answers!

Was perusing a recent issue and saw a reference to Todd Durkin's Impact! Body Plan, regarding pulse zones.  The old model that has been in play for years is 220 - age = max heart rate. 85% of that is max target rate and 65% is minimum target rate.

Durkin digs a bit deeper and comes up with a formula that will give you a different range.  Here's the Impact! man's plan (I'm inserting my numbers as an example):

1) 220 - age (54) = max heart rate ( 166)

2) Calculate resting heart rate: Beats per 10 seconds x 6 = 48 (I get my RHR twice a day on my blood pressure meter)

3) Calculate heart rate reserve: MHR (166) - RHR (48) = 118

4) Determine minimum target rate:  HRR (118 x .65) + RHR (48)  = 125

5) Determine maximum target rate:  HRR (118 x .85) + RHR (48) = 148

The Impact! plan jacks up the range a bit over the former calculation, which would have been:

220 - 54 = 166 x .65 = 108/low

220 - 54 = 166 x .85 = 141/high

Have to admit I'm not too much about zones.  Used to train against the pulse meter, but now it's more about just being able to do it each and every day.  But nonetheless it's good to read Men's Health and learn how the rest of the world is chasing their fitness dreams.

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