Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Endurance tenacity and life success

Got into a solid gym workout this morning.  I enjoy the time to expand thought while training.  Today's theme was the positive relationship between endurance sport discipline and life success.

For most all of my days, I have been surrounded by an environment that propagated "average."  Can remember a factory job as a teenager, when a co-worker exclaimed, "Hey, slow down, the pay is the same!"  In my mind, average equates to going to the back of the line; I'm not one to do well stacked up behind others who are getting better opportunities.

I did average pretty well until my endurance sport epiphany in 1983.  Then I learned that success means there's always more, another pound to lose, a race to finish, a workout to complete.  Endurance sport makes you strive for excellence.  As I mentioned before, I'm a man with average ability - but a world class attitude.

Other areas of my life represent the results of the endurance sport mindset.  I wouldn't have achieved my faculty in residence status at Appalachian State without that go get 'em ultrarunner disposition.  The University of Florida folks invited me back to be a program supervisor at their study abroad in Italy this May.  It was due to the fact I brought my "A game" to our Spain trip in 2009; that's why they call me "The Hammer"  and saw extraordinary value in my participation.

Average (or below) performance works for a great many people.  But it doesn't work for me.

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