Sunday, April 03, 2011

Breaking the coffee addiction
For over 30 years, I've been putting on a fresh pot of mud every morning and slurping down 3-4 mugs of hot Joe to get the party started. Over time, it because more necessity than way I could hit my morning workout without that blast of caffeine.

Coffee was also a staple ingredient in my social life.  I don't consume alcohol, but the local coffee shop is always part of master competitor's fun time.  Reading, conversation and that hot cup of black liquid.

I made some changes over the past several weeks.  Based on blood pressure issues and overall health, I knocked coffee out of my diet.  The addiction ran strong so I came at it by mixing 75/25 beans (25% decaf), then 50/50 and finally 25/75.  That last ratio was barely worth the trouble, so starting yesterday I transitioned to Yerba Mate tea in the morning.  It does have caffeine content but at a much reduced level to java.

The Yerba Mate makes for a much different perspective on the day.  I had two large cups and then drove south an hour to Marion, NC for the Tour de Lure 70 mile bike tour (more on that soon).  Yerba Mate makes for a slow burn entry into the day.  It's there as a physical motivator, but not in a hard blast way.  Just simply easing the engine into drive and gently pressing down on the accelerator.

It's Sunday morning before church and I'm into my second day - and second cup on the day - of Yerba Mate.  What I'm promoting in this post is that long-term habits can be modified and changed and life will proceed in a positive fashion.

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