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Bistro ride and loud mouth riders

Here's a brain dump from my latest mind meanderings:

1) I'm reading devotions by Henri Nouwen for Lent.  It's really insightful.  One morning, the lesson was focused on not judging others.  We really aren't aware of what place of life someone may be in, or the pain they might be experiencing.  There was a really loud dude on one of our recent rides, in an overpowering way with animated gestures, forcing funny stories regarding his latest rides, ha ha ha stuff. Really broke the vibe that afternoon.  My bias flared and I was about to judge such actions, when I was forced to look inward.  I have been an A-class A-hole on certain occasions, due to inadequacies, insecurities or unprocessed anger.  My tongue needed to be bridled.  So as Covey would tell us, "seek first to understand, then to be understood."

2)  I'm not completely over the coffee abstinence.  Life just isn't as fun.  I'm lethargic in the mornings and the exercise sessions are a complete struggle.  I'm going to do some blood pressure averaging over a couple of weeks to determine if the anti-caffeine stance is worth it.  If not, I'll be back to those fresh ground beans and hot Joe.

3)  Remember all my chatter on the ice cream stop at Tour de Lure and how OK I was with a lesser effort? It's all BS.  I got dumped off the back on Monday's Bistro Roca ride and it stings.  I don't like being one of the last guys to straggle in at the catch up points.  Many of these guys are in my age bracket; why can't I ride faster? This isn't over yet.  Less talk about ice cream and more about jamming on the crank is appropriate.

4)  Here's a quick shout out to Nathan Sports:  I own a 2-liter hydration pack and have never been happy with the bladder.  It's been hard to extract water from the valve and I resorted to pushing on the pack with the back of my hand to force water up the tube.  I went onto the Nathan site, dropped a short explanation in the contact section and had an email back within a day.  No questions asked, a new bladder was on the way and was delivered today.  That's why I run Nathan hydration systems in my ultra should too!


  1. For more Henri Nouwen like readings, may I suggest; Brennan Manning, Julianne of Norwich, to name just a few. I am a newbie to your blog, but was greatly influenced by your comments during the DD50K interview... Peace!


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