Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Binge food Tuesday

The wheels came off the locomotive today; it's been downhill since I went to pick up my state car for the drive south to Hickory, NC this morning. Someone left a box of moon pies and I nabbed two of the little devils. That was the start and then came a Sam's Club 4 Berry Sundae for lunch, a medium frappe at McDonald's and a large box of malted milk balls.

Throw in my normal wheat bread, banana, apple and Larabar and my day's calories are more than expended.

The only recompense I can bring forward is that I bought a 5-pound bag of EAS whey protein and plan to pick it up a notch on the exercise and diet.  Whey = dairy = cows = hormones which doesn't turn me on, but the price point on this stuff at Sam's is too good to pass up for $30.  I looked into whey derived from grass fed cows, but I'd have to hock my car to buy some.

One other positive report is that I used to blow off Tuesdays - when I teach in Hickory - and skip workouts. Can't do that so I devised a littler burner routine:  A quick circuit on the weights and 5000 meters of rowing.  Not a big deal but keeps me solid on the never-take-a-day-off-for-the-rest-of-my-life plan.

Bad food, good day.  Ever have one of those in your life?

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