Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Where I've been...and where I'm going

Several readers ridiculed the apparel I wore in the '87 New York City Marathon, so I thought it was time for a predominant photo change.

Here, in all its glory, is a shot of master man relaxing with his Merit Menthols and pet snake (check out my wrist) during his senior year of college in 1979.

The hair style and Fu Manchu is still working, but the personal habits were disposed of long ago.  No excuses, it's just the season of life I was living.  Stopped the smokes for good after graduating in June of '79.  Took until '83 to lose the fatty fat fat and gain an aerobic base.

But as we know, most good things take time.  From then until now...I'm glad I landed where I did.


  1. The Master Competitor is not kidding, folks. This is the guy I knew in 1979. He really has come a long way and us old-timers from Wausau are proud of him.

  2. Is that the upstairs apartment near the Uniroyal plant?