Sunday, March 27, 2011

Terrapin Mountain 50K

Sweet finish after a demanding day
Luxury accommodations at the trailhead
A while back, I read a race report that stated the Terrapin Mountain would be a good first-time ultra.  That couldn't be further from the truth.

Saturday was an overcast and gloomy day, but on the up side the rain held off and we ran dry...except for soaked feet from the stream crossings. The ultra is located near Sedalia, Virginia, about one hour east of Roanoke.

In addition to my obligatory finish line with the banner shot, check out how a famous blog author and ultrarunner rolls at the races...I have my CR-V rigged with one of the seats removed for trailhead camping.  This weekend it worked like a charm. Terrapin race promoter Clark Zealand provided a plethora of pizzas Friday night, so I simply ate until bursting and then crawled into my crib until the 5:30 am wake up alarm came.

I heard some great trash talk at this event.  One story was about a guy who had his appendix burst while running this event last year.  He gutted (appropriate word) it out for the finish and when interviewed this year, said it was very painful but worth it.

Makes sense to me.

Another story was about the Hellgate 100K earlier this year.  It was so cold some dude's retina froze.  Sorry to hear it happened, but great fodder to motivate me in the sport.

The Terrapin Mountain 50K is easily explained:  Climb up the mountain to around 3500 feet elevation.  Come back down.  Go up again.  Repeat.  Throw in a few remote loops at the far edges with sharp rocks, hard climbs and crazy squeezing through a sheer rock tunnel that was about 18 inches wide.

This race isn't for the meek and mild, but if you want a really satisfying 50K I'd highly recommend this event.  I made my way to the finish (7 hours, 30 minutes)  and I'm riding out the afterglow this afternoon, thanking God once again for giving me the ability to put yet another one in the record books.

I'm transitioning into two metric century bicycling rides in April...stay tuned for more excitement.


  1. Worthy report. Nice job. That is some miles on your feet !!

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  3. I wasnt there early enough to hear the stories, so I am glad you mentioned them here.
    I ran the half and there is a link to my race report on the eco-x blog.
    thanks for sharing