Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sushi funfest with Groupon coupon

Had a big day with the bike group and since we did our first on-the-mountain ride of the year, thought I'd celebrate.

Groupon had an offer for Boone (a rare occasion) where a $15 purchase = $30 of eats at Makoto's.  I'd never been there and hadn't been on a sushi binge for a long time so I went for it.

I'd just nailed one of the fine grilled eel rolls when I realized master competitor readers would want to see this feast, so I stopped to freeze the moment in time.  In back are some yummy crispy tuna popper things, while on the main plate you'll observe tuna rolls, veggie rolls and the eel rolls.

I was stuffed and then came to learn you can't add a gratuity on the Groupon tab, so I had to take another veggie roll to go.  Master man was fully satiated from a fine assortment of food and excellent service.  I don't want to forget how good life can be and to remember meals like this remain a treat.  A nice reward on a sunny, warm North Carolina day.

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