Monday, March 14, 2011

Explaining ultrarunning

One of my favorite motorsport TV shows is "Wind Tunnel."  Host Dave Despain covers all things that go fast with an engine, which runs the gauntlet of auto racing, boats, motorcycles and ATVs.

On yesterday's episode, guest Tanner Faust (top rally racer and stunt driver) stated that ESPN did a study on fans for the X Games.  The data suggested that when fans can quickly understand the rules, viewership increases.

We're not playing to a large TV audience in endurance racing, but it's important to promote our sport nonetheless.  Just what is it we do?  Can we explain the "rules" to a non-participant?  What is it that makes our sport unique?  Since few of us will ever win, just what are we accomplishing?

That's the purpose of this blog, to attract and recharge master competitors and get them having fun.  If you want to frame it up and capture the magic, leave a comment and we'll feature your work!

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