Friday, March 18, 2011

Informative podcast news

Most of you know that I'm a big advocate of digital audio book and podcasts over music. It's a personal preference thing.  But to that end, I'll try to recruit you to my side of the fence with teasers from today's audio session while in the gym:

1) Ben Greenfield's podcast featured a chiropractic dude named "Dr. Two Fingers" who claimed that we residually store injuries...that our body adapts and in turn harbors the damage.  He reports that his analysis will allow him to track and ID high school athletic injuries in a 40+ masters athlete:

2) A religious studies and chemistry student on "This I Believe" did the math...and believes that "We are all stardust."   Kimberly Woodbury wrote this essay for a colloquium at Berkeley Divinity School at Yale University, while working towards her master’s degree.  She believes she inhaled the same particles of air that were exhaled by Jesus Christ:

Now, are you going to tell me podcasts aren't interesting?   Try these on for size, they're a wild ride.

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