Sunday, March 06, 2011

Coffee, tea or me?
Thought the headline was catchy.  I'm once again showing my age as I remembered it from a 1967 book was written by Trudy Baker and Rachel Jones with Donald Bain, about two "rambunctious" (my word) stewardesses.

For me, it's come down to coffee, decaf tea or me with somewhat soaring blood pressure.  I'm doing everything I can to naturally reduce the numbers and am making progress. The one naughty intake item that remains is one of my favorites:  Strong, fresh brewed coffee.

I'm not one to slurp the stuff all day, but my morning ritual begins with grinding fresh beans out of the freezer, then brewing strong brew that I drink black while reading devotions.  I'm been into this MO for about 30 years so it's hard to break.  The coffee has also been my "bump" to get me out the door for morning runs.

I have attempted withdrawal before, but the associated migraine headaches are unbearable.  This time I'm creating ratios of coffee bean mix, first 75% high test and 25% decaf.  That's almost gone, then will go to 50/50.  In the end I hope to be "clean" and will transition to one or two cups of Yerba Mate each morning.  If you
haven't read up on this stuff, Google it now.  Some medicinal qualities and a popular product in South American countries.

My most common stand by has become decaf teas.  I'm enjoying both Lipton and Luzianne; each has a distinctive taste and goes well with a bit of Splenda (a big vice of mine is artificial sweetener).

Things do change over time.  I never thought I'd give up my one last vice -coffee - but it's for my betterment and so I'll do it.   Interesting to watch life ebb and flow and to see myself become more conscious about how to care for my body.

So here's a toast to low blood pressure, everyone raise your cup of decaf tea...saalloot!

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  1. When I see you, I will tell you how to make mate like like an Argentine.