Monday, February 21, 2011

Tree fall on Price Lake

Took a short hike around Price Lake, right off the Blue Ridge Parkway, on Sunday.  The 2.3 mile loop was quiet and still on this overcast day; not exactly a draw for tourists in mid February.

What was interesting was the handiwork of little furry creatures over the winter.  We found more than a dozen trees toppled over the trail, thanks to the work of beavers that need materials for dams.

The labor invested in topping a tree is quite amazing.  I sometimes struggle with carrots or a crisp apple and can't imagine chomping through a tree trunk.

We may exist in a material world, but in some specific area nature remains supreme.  I love to think about about the ways in which animals work within their environment to succeed.  Makes me wonder what the world would look like, if I had the tenacity to work through the tree trunks in my life.

So when times seem tough, let's make like a beaver and chomp our way to success.

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  1. That's a great trail! I miss Price Lake, got to get back up there soon.