Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hurricane Quick Shot C02 inflator

When I prepped out my new Specialized Roubaix Comp, thought it was time to upgrade my accessories.  For years, I ran a small hand pump clipped under my front water bottle cage.  Of course, that made my a member of the goon patrol.  So this time around I went with the crowd and slipped a Quick Shot C02 inflator and cartridges into my seat bag.

I realize that compressed gas is the new way to inflate while riding but I'm paranoid about these little air machines.  Several years ago, a group of riders were huddled over a bike along the roadside in Florida, helping one of our club members with her flat.  The tire inflator exploded.

Plastic shards shot everywhere, one with enough velocity to knock the read flasher off another bike over 10 feet away.  The man who was holding the inflator stood there incredulous that his hand was still in one piece.  We talked about that incident for several rides following.

So what's the moral of this story?  Take advantage of new technology, but remain cautious.  I told my exploding canister story at two bike shops in the DC area and no one wanted to engage in that conversation.  These little devils scream liability.  Don't ask, don't tell is applied liberally.

Someday, maybe soon, I'll flat on one of our rides and it will be time to pull out my new gadget.  When I do, I'll insert a cartridge, say my prayers, and pull the trigger.

Stay tuned for a complete report.

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