Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Felt FC: It was almost mine

I've been on a wild roller coast ride of emotions the past few days, playing the Craig's List and eBay game, searching for a new ride.

Stumbled upon the rocket at left via a posting in Charlotte, which was actually from a student here in Boone.  The hard racing pedal pounder was getting ready to upgrade this Felt FC and wanted to sell frame only...but initially he considered selling the complete bike.

What's a Felt FC?  I had to Google it out and learned it's a not-for-sale-to-mortals race only frame, which is shipped direct to team issue riders.  Wow.  Carbon light and stiff and factory race.  Yum.

I saw the bike today and it's quite a handful.  Interesting part is that when I took it for a spin, it fit like a glove. Not too aggressive as I had expected.  And for the first time, I performed double-click shifting with the SRAM Red components.

Have to tell you this bike was ridden hard and put away wet.  Athlete who raced it competed in over 40 events, many of them criteriums, and won a few along the way. In addition to his reluctance to sell the entire bike I identified another problem:  It was fitted with standard chainrings off the front, not the compact crank ratios I want - and need - for the mountains.

It's fun to dream, isn't it?  If I had the workshop and tools, it would be fun to start fresh with the Felt FC frame and then shop out the parts to build it on eBay.  But I'm not that guy.  A small tool box in my back bedroom probably won't get that job done.

There are other bikes for sale and I'm sure the right one will cross my path.  But for a few moments in time, I had my bead on a race only stallion.

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  1. believe me it will. Patience young grasshopper. Felts are the real deal though.