Monday, February 07, 2011

DC weekend: Specialized, Nathan and Hurricane pumps

Several months ago, a master competitor friend (enemy?) posted a comment stating my blog was narcissistic and that I was self-absorbed.

I try not to be, but:

1) It is my blog
2) It focuses on my adventures as a "tool" for the master competitor lifestyle
3) It's hard to post almost every day if I don't include myself

So for those of you still hanging in there, here's master man just outside Georgetown enjoying a day of walking and sunshine.  It was a great weekend in DC; got two runs in, either on or near the Rock Creek Trail.  Saturday was misty and wet and I made it through all the slushy woods sections.  By Sunday, the melted ice had frozen to a sheet of crack-your-tail-bone consistency, so I took to the road that parallels the trail.  Made an out-and-back to the majestic Mormon temple high on a hill, then turned and ran back to Bethesda.

The weekend was busy with endurance sport generated purchases that will prompt this week's posts:

- a rundown on my new/used Specialized Roubaix carbon bike
- shock pumps and tuning compression/rebound suspension on mountain bikes
- Nathan products and my new X Trainer Mutation running pack
- making the switch from a hand pump to C02 cartridges for road flats

Don't turn the channel!  Stay tuned for the best in endurance sport news!

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