Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winter ride: No excuses

Photo courtesy Dennis R. Blair
I received a great post-Christmas gift this weekend; an email came through from our local riding group, stating that some of the crew were headed down off the mountain for an "easy pace winter ride."

Ya right.  We busted out of the power station just off 321 (north of Lenoir) and were out of the box at 20 mph.  Surges came fast and hard, leveling out around 24 mph.  Drop the draft and you're toast.  We took turns pulling and the pace remained air and hot lungs.  We hit the 16.5 mile turnaround at 19.5 average.

The leg back was a bit more civil, as we were facing a headwind.  I took a long pull off the front, trying to keep things active around 18 mpg.  It was a noble effort, but once I waved the pack by I couldn't jump back on.  They dropped me like a hot rock on the next climb and I had to spin the last 4 miles solo.

I'm fortunate to be included with this great group of guys.  The years are coming upon us, yet we hold the passion.  When one is young(er) it's expected that the pace will be cruel, but at our age, it's more an oddity.

When you roll with the Boone bike group, the fun never ends.  We're having an all you can eat pizza and salad bar party tomorrow night at Pizza Hut.  I'm sure that an ample amount of story telling will accompany the food.  What a great slice of life and I'm grateful to be part of it.

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