Friday, January 28, 2011

Why Amazon is #1

There are reasons why certain businesses thrive, while other languish and die a slow, painful death.

Amazon is a survivor and winner and it's easy to understand why.  They sell a wide variety of products, offer competitive prices, have a great "over $25 and shipping is free" program (which encourages me to bump up my order) and most important, they know how to deliver customer service.  Amazon has a solution-oriented protocol that sends buyers away feeling very ingratiated to the brand.

Here's an Amazon shout-out for the problem resolution they provided yesterday.  I had purchased a rather large order of pods for my Senseo coffee maker.  A no calorie evening treat has become small, strong cups of decaf coffee.  I tried a new brand of pods via Amazon.  When they arrived, I quickly realized they were very small in diameter and unusable in my machine.  I went to Amazon's easy-to-use return page, where I learned food items are non-returnable.

I wasn't a happy master man, so I went from my product prompt to an email option.  I sent a short message explaining that the product was of no use to me and I was disappointed that Amazon could not back me up on this problem.

Five minutes later I had an email.  The customer service rep re-stated that food items are not returnable.  But instead of the usual no-results apologies I have become used to, Amazon stated they were sending a refund to my credit card account and there was no need to return the product.

In an age when customer service has been downsized with the rest of America, Amazon stands tall as a business that "gets it" and knows how to build the brand and retain customers.  I wanted to do my part by telling this story.   Bottom line, choose Amazon...they'll do you right.

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  1. I admire their customer service, it will be interesting how they adapt when the internet sales tax collection gets pushed through.