Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The proper diet for master competitor performance

Made a run to Sam's Club yesterday (during lunch while teaching in Hickory) and grabbed a good amount of food.  It was time to replenish the fridge and plan my meals for the next 7-10 days.

My mix of goods won't often look better than this, so here's a visual of the master competitor diet:  A big bag of broccoli, big bag of carrots, tub of fresh made hummus, naval oranges, gala apples, filtered water and Great Value fake orange juice.

Evening meals will consist of steamed brown rice and veggies, or raw veggies dipped in the hummus.

I'll complement this intake with fresh baked bread (also got a big bag of flax) and a few Larabars.  How's that for clean eating?

I wish this was the norm, but instead it's something to aspire to.  But for this chapter in life, I'm on top of my game and the photo tells the story.

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  1. Nice visual, wish we weren't inundated with unhealthy options but instead had only this to choose from.