Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Plantar pain, Trader Joe's coffee and making bread

I need to fess up to Master Competitor readers...that honey and spice race report from the Frosty 50K was...well...I was blowin' a little smoke up your patootie.

I have this plantar fasciitis thing grinding me down and the image at left (from myfootdocs.com) says it all.  I have a micro tear or worse in the "thick fibrous connecting tissue" in my right foot.  I had this years ago and it can hang around for a long time.  Some of the pain is low grade and of course, I was running though it.  Was actually glad to keep it partially at bay and take that Frosty finish.

I'll try to curb my running a bit, but how realistic is that?

I'm back into my Boone groove after traveling for almost a month and one of the great joys of being back is grinding coffee beans in the morning and brewing that first pot of fresh Joe.  While traveling I went the instant route and want to give a shout-out to Trader Joe's brand instant coffee. It's a good price and I'd suggest equal to or better than Starbuck's premium price Via instant coffee.

I'm a creature of cyclical motion and that said, I'm pulling back on my energy and protein bar consumption (2+ per day) and migrating back into homemade bread.  Noted that Sam's Club sells nice size bags of flax seed for a great price, so I'll go 2/3 whole wheat and 1/3 flax, with some olive oil and nuts or dates thrown in for that yummy effect.  Think the calorie count will go to my advantage and I'll be one step closer to a non-processed diet.

I'd like to feature additional information on master competitor diets...what are you eating out there?  Share some thoughts and I'll post a few things for readers to "digest."

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