Saturday, January 01, 2011

Looking back and gazing forward

I'm back from 10 days in Wisconsin, enjoying runs on my hometown loop and trudging through snow and ice to traverse the trail section around Oak Island and Fern Island Park.  Had some weather delays getting out of that part of the country, but did make my way to DC to celebrate the advent of 2011.  Here's a shot of old master man taking a New Year's Day walk on the Rock Creek Trail.

As with any 12-month period of time, 2010 had some ups and downs, some memories that I wish to retain, and others that I'd rather flush away.  Most recently was my crash and burn on good eating; while away from home - and many times Internet - I fell off my meticulous dietary planning on  Soon it was visual eating - if I see it, I eat it.  Many of the gains I made the past several months have been reduced to a place where I'll have to start over and build the temple once again.

I'm at a place of transition.  At 54, I'm no longer fast, or motivated to be faster.  My days of trying to improve are now days of trying to cling to my identity as an endurance athlete.  I want to bring something to the sport, but it's not going to tabulate in the results column.  Maybe it's a gentle word of encouragement to other master competitors, or a well placed word or two to young up and comers who are bursting onto the ultradistance scene.  I'm OK with being at this place, looking back at the wonderful life I have been granted through swim, bike and run....and looking forward to some serious hammerfest outings in the coming year.

2011 will mark my 28th year in endurance sport and my 23rd in ultrarunning.  Wow. Let's stay in the game and savor each step of the journey.


  1. 23 years in ultras is really impressive Tom. Well done! I'm hoping to do my first 50k in 2011.

    Sounds like you had a great year in 2010, and 2011 is presenting new challenges. Look at it this way; you've only got one more year until reaching a new age group! The 65+'ers are the real sad sacks here.

  2. every new year is a beautiful and new challenge. glad you've endured as an endurance athlete. :)