Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hot style trends at the 1987 New York City Marathon

One of the great aspects of a blog is that the author can twist and turn in the wind, holding ever changing opinions and ideas.

On one day the author can relived his former life as a pseudo-biker, then shift within 24 hours to his closer-to-the-heart endurance athlete persona.

So in order to play homage to that theme, check out my new masthead image above:  A rather thick master man (on right) attempting to stud out at the 1987 New York City Marathon.

Think I ran 3:30-something but who cares, think it took me 11 minutes to get to the start line.  More important is the have to appreciate those crotch grabbing shorty shorts, coupled with the heavy cotton cutaway T-shirt.

Just what was I thinking? And by the way, check out the guy in the middle.  Guess he didn't like having his picture taken.

This photo just goes to show that memories don't always sync up with the realities of the moment.  You'll all be relieved to know I retired that outfit; now, I wear running shorts that come to my knees and a wide assortment of Brooks racing tops.  Probably a bit more comfy, too.

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  1. Old pix are the best. I am glad you retired that gear though. I did as well.