Thursday, January 20, 2011

The greatest song of all time: Grand Funk's "Inside Looking Out"

I was at the gym today, trying to take the weight off my bad right foot.  So part of the session was spent on the stationary bike.

Was a big burned on podcasts so I set my Zune to shuffle and the greatest song of all time popped into my earbuds: Grand Funk Railroad's epic 1969 tune "Inside Looking Out."

The version I have was digitized off a Grand Funk double album set, from my teen years.  When I listen I still get all the great pops and crackles.  I used to sit in the dark, listening to my army green GE record player with headphones blasting Grand Funk, among others.  My dad would come in and scream and me, but I couldn't hear much when Mark Farner was screaming the lyrics and playing guitar, Don Brewer was smashing the drums, and Mel Schacher did the bass lines proud.

Inside Looking Out has it all - lead vocals, guitar solos, bass instrumental lines, harmonica and percussion.  It takes a lot to call something the "best of all time" but this song stands the test of time.  In the day, Farner would substitute "nickel bags" for "burlap bags" and the crowds went insane (if you're too young to understand, that's quite OK).

Here's a link to the live version on YouTube:

Great song to queue when you're hitting the wall on a big climb at an ultra, listen and run.

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  1. Really enjoyed this post -- and the tune! Thanks, Tom!