Wednesday, December 08, 2010

P90X, Gluten, Shannon Kurek & HFP Racing

I tried to add enough in the headline to draw you into this post...because it's important!

An old friend and endurance sport compatriot shot me an email today.  Shannon Kurek and his wife Jennifer (with their gaggle of kids) have built a successful multi-sport event group called Health & Fitness Promotions. Check them out at

Shannon gets 'er done with all sorts of events, but his big show consists of triathlons throughout the Midwest.  And it gets even better.  Shannon gave me an update and check out this tune-up tale:

"God has been great to our family. Attached is the latest family photo.  Henry is 9, Madeline is 5 and Ezra is 4.  I had an awesome season of racing as an official master (41).  9 overall wins as a master of which 6 of those I was the overall winner.  I found out I was gluten intolerant in February and am 15 pounds lighter than 2009.  In addition, I started doing P90x and have re-sculpted my body to more like 15 years ago.  It feels great to be getting older and finding ways to stay strong and competitive."

How's that for getting back into the game?  And if gluten-free could make me look like Shannon, I better get on his diet!  Dude looks 21!

If you'd like more on Shannon's quest to rev it back for in 2011, check out his blog links at:

Other than that, it's more of the same for me.  Working hard to post final grades for this semester.  Also went swimming today.  The new water tight Zune case worked well so I listened to a bio on Led Zeppelin while churning laps.

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  1. He does look great and his performances speak for themselves!