Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nutritious tofu stir fry and looking distinguished

It's been a few days since my last post.  I dodged a bullet and got out of Boone before winter storm #2 nailed the mountain (FYI storm #3 has the place on lock down again today) and made my way back to Bethesda, MD.

Temps here have also been frigid and the wind cuts deep into my running gear - through both long sleeve tops I have been wearing. But it's a nice change to get back on the Rock Creek Trail.  This has become my second home as and master competitor can understand how a running loop can define one's existence.

Please indulge me in a whining moment:  I have some plantar fascitis going on in my right foot, my right knee is acting up, and I pulled something in the back of my left leg. That said, I made it further than ever before on my 45 minute out segment of the run.  Run 45, turn around and run back.  That's how I roll.

Here' s a chance for readers to weigh in on a cosmetic issue.  Check out the photo at left, old master man throwing together his signature tofu and veggies stir fry at a dinner party last evening. I shift through quite a few metamorphosis in my life...long hair, then short...both on the head and facial.  So I'm into the Jeff Bridges look and my significant other says I look 100.  So what if the guy at the computer store counter thought I was her father?  Don't I have the right to look distinguished?  I'm a PhD professor, and isn't this how they look?

Anyway, the debate is on:  Let it grow and produce more of what I have going on, or a clean shave and my triathlete style haircut?

Let the votes roll in...what shall I do?


  1. Depends if you want to make your girlfriend happy or yourself. :)

  2. Having gazed upon you on and off for 35 years now, I like the look.

  3. Anonymous6:09 AM

    Nothing a little "Just For Men" can't take care of. LOL JB Ohio