Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Playing president with "Decision Points"

Came across this old shot, it's master man attempting to hydrate after a brutal heat run at San Felasco State Park in Gainesville, FL.

Today I was out the door in Boone, NC with several layers including tights and a wind jacket. And wind it was, hard and intense in a special way that is only known through the mountain valleys.

I'm learning to live in the moment and love it all.  Good time in life to realize that there is not better or worse, only different.

Have you found that to be true in your own life?  Try it on sometime...when you're ready to complain, look at the situation and think about how it differs from something similar.  We live in different dimensions of life, different times and places.  No one way will ever fit all circumstances.  So for me, here,'s what it is intended to be.

Ever play "if I were president?"  I've been running and listening to former president George Bush's new book "Decision Points." I let my mind wander through the complexities of being a powerful political leader. How would you solve the problems our country is facing today? And if you had a potential solution, how would you communicate it to the American people?

Let's all pool our thoughts, create all the answers, solve the problems and then run a 100 miler to celebrate.  Anyone coming along with me for that journey?


  1. If you solve one problem, someone will just create another. Saw kind of a frightening thing on MSNBC, they were talking about how the presidency might be too much job for one man. Rule by committee? No thanks. I'm with you on the 100 miler though!

  2. I hear that.

    I love San Felasco- but it does get hot on those trails!!!