Friday, November 05, 2010

New York Times praises "127 Hours"
This new movie may deviate from the ultra norm, but I'm highly curious and look forward to seeing "127 Hours"...with some trepidation.

It's the tale of hiker Aron Ralston and the eventual horror of having his arm trapped against a rock wall by a boulder.  You may have read the outcome of this story in the news...Aron sawed off his own arm to escape and save his life.

James Franco plays Ralston  in this epic pic and the New York Times calls it "nearly say that this movie gets under your skin is only barely a figure of speech. It pins you down, shakes you up and leaves you glad to be alive."

Can any of us imagine our own response to this life or death tribulation?  Could we make the same decision Aron did?  It reminds of of the film "Into the Wild" but this time, with a bittersweet ending.

I plan to watch this movie (if I can) and test my own inner mettle en route.


  1. Maybe not ultra, but definitely endurance related.

  2. Looking forward to watching it.