Saturday, November 06, 2010

Maximum heart rate thresholds

I'm attaining interesting and useful data from my sport science lab experiment.  Ben Cartner, the student who is conducting the survey, has fed old master man the data...and it's not all that bad for an oldie racer like me!

First, my VO2 max test had leveled off the last five minutes I was on the treadmill.  The thought of pushing to a tad bit higher reading wasn't in the cards.  So I'll have to settled for my 150.6 and live with being exceptional on a sedentary scale and quite average or less on an athletic scale.

Ever benchmark your max heart rate?  It's 220 bpm (beats per minute) minus your age. So my max is 167bpm (220-53 yrs = 167 bpm). 

I hit my estimated max at the end of the 18th minute during the VO2 max session, with a jump from 152 bpm to 177 bpm. During the 19th and final minute of my test, I blasted an impressive 185, 188, 181 and 183 bpm.

I really didn't think I had that upper range.  What I have become is slow and efficient.  I'm doing my current test sessions for the study at 65% of max, which is 117 bpm.  I can rumble along at that output quite easily.  Want to hear some sad and shocking news? Ben reports that some test subjects have resting pulse in the 117 range.

The lesson in all of this is not to take our fitness for granted, not even for a moment.  Our norm is another person's fantasy.  So let's keep up the effort and thank God every time we draw a breath.  It's a good life.

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  1. These types of benchmarking tests are definitely something I would love to do, very cool you are getting this opportunity.