Sunday, November 14, 2010

Getting right on Rich Mountain

Made a new segment of the wonderful Moses Cone trails that afternoon. Weather in the NC mountains remains A+ for this time of year and it's important to embrace and experience every foot of trail possible...before the snow hits.

The Rich Mountain loop meanders to the east from Trout Lake, an easy mile climb to the labyrinth that rises to the peak where one can turn in any direction and digest the blue sky, clouds and mountain vistas.

I'm into my mountain man season, a bit of a beard and the off season look.  I'm spending more time in Brooks track suits than I am running outfits. It's all good hiking at a laid back pace has its place in my annual schedule.

Check out the interesting rock tower some passionate soul built at the peak of the climb.  What can the message be?  What was the purpose of this formation?  Maybe I'm asking too many questions.  Just interesting to see what other hikers leave behind - as long as it's not trash!

This is a great time in the year to look back at the good things that crossed my path in 2010.  There are too many to name and  I am convinced we need to reflect and be thankful and burn the good times into our minds.  Because as we all know the good times are followed by some not so good and we need to lean into the bad by remembering the good.

I'm one who believes God has His hand on or off of my life.  I don't know when or why, but there's a plan buried in the outcome and I need to find my way through the maze.

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