Friday, November 19, 2010

Brooks Utopia Soft Shell makes me special

Now isn't that a silly headline?  Not really when you consider that outside my Brooks Sports apparel, I have no game whatsoever in a fashion sense.

My relationship with Brooks now spans over a decade and I'll never take any of it for granted.  I have been allowed to promote Brooks products at dozens of events, at run club functions and on my Internet sites and blogs.

Brooks keeps its focus on the running community and they have done an exemplary job of delivering the products.  I recently won a Brooks team contest where we assessed new content on the site  If you've not visited there, give it a's one of the best online sources for runners and you can buy many great Brooks products there.

As a prize winner in the contest, I was awarded a Utopia Soft Shell. It's classy and functional with a warm inner liner that extends past the sleeve length, with thumb holes if you opt to bring fabric across your hands on those especially chilly mornings.

The more I consider it, the more my life has been formed by endurance sport and Brooks.  I'm one with that company and when I'm in Brooks apparel, I'm ready for the next adventure.  Don't think I've ever had that same sort of connection with another product line or brand.

Don't know where you're at with your racing and training, but if you're looking for exceptional gear to get you to the finish line, give Brooks a try.


  1. I've been wearing Brooks gear for 3 years now, and the Utopia Soft Shell is my favorite non-shoe product yet. I like it a lot.

  2. My Nightlife jacket is one of my favorite running pieces, but I do wish it had the thumb loops - it's the only thing I would change!