Monday, November 22, 2010

Brooks Trance 9, Axiom 2 and Glycerin 8

I made a big transition this past weekend...ran my current selection of Brooks running shoes through the wash (always air dry), turned them into walkers, and broke our a new assortment to carry me through the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and into 2011.

I'm responsible to promote and effectually sell Brooks products as a Brooks-endorsed athlete, so I like to train in a wide variety of Brooks products.  My new selection is the Trance 9 (support), Axiom 2 (lightweight) and Glycerin 8 (neutral).

Every time I get into new Brooks shoes, I feel healthy and energized. The crisp fit and elevated cushioning makes me step easy and free.  I can respect others who choose the minimalist or barefoot running option, but it's not for me.  I like to keep my feet in Brooks - models of different varieties and shapes.

Here's a tip for staying as injury-free as possible; rotate into a different pair of shoes each day.  I believe that shoes carry different pressure and impact points, so changing up the residual footstrike is a good advantage.  I run about 5 days a week so it's an advantage to adapt from lightweight trainers to trail shoes to neutral trainers, etc.

Keep your attitudes and actions in a good place going into this winter season.  It can be difficult to keep momentum high when the weather turns bad, but you can count on master competitor plowing through the snow in the Trance, Glycerin and Axiom.

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  1. I'd love to try the Green Silence! Very cool looking and I've heard good things about them.