Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ultra felon
A bizarre story inside the ultra scene is coming to culmination...and I know master competitor readers want to know.

Charlie Engle, a rather renowned ultrarunner who was featured in the DVD "Running the Sahara" has been convicted of bank, mail and wire fraud.

Ever hear the saying "all publicity is good publicity?"  Not for Engle. It was reported an IRS agent was watching his documentary and had the same questions master man is he financing these epic global adventures when he doesn't work?  A quick inspection of Engle's tax records brought an investigation into play.

Engle, who lives in Greensboro, NC, has been convicted of 12 counts by a federal court jury.  He reportedly bilked banks out of funds through mortgage fraud, in one instance taking a $44K equity loan on one property and then defaulting on the mortgage.  It was suggested Engle used the funds to finance his ultra running efforts.

A detailed news report is listed below:

Sentencing will come in January and Engle is facing 30 years in prison.  In response to the convictions, Engle posted a extensive web report that talks of his state in life, relationships, and how he plans to face the future:


  1. I must admit that I thought his post was outstanding, whether sincere or not.

  2. I wish I were smart enough to scam people out of money to finance my world adventures. (and smart enough not to get caught, of course.)


  3. Anonymous7:04 PM

    OMG. A 44k equity loan. He brought on the housing crisis. I would suggest staying tuned. The full story will come out in due time.