Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Slowing down with Motorhead
I'm an old metal head and also a former advertising when those past lives converge in a meaningful way, I have to do a shout out.

Kronenbourg 1664 beer is doing a wonderful and effective "slow it down" campaign where noted rockers dial back head pounding tunes for an "unplugged" application.

The first effort in the mix was Motorhead and their 1980 rock anthem "Ace of Spades."  If you've ever heard this tune, it's a smasher.  I have included links for 1) the original "Ace of Spades" 2) the new beer commercial using the slow version and 3) the complete slow version song.  You really should do the original first, then lean into the slow versions.

I can't stop watching and listening to this tune.  Mesmerizing in a special sort of way.  It's the essense of a great blues progression without the entrapments.

Give it a listen and I hope you get the same connection.  Can't wait to see who slows it down next for Kronenbourg.


  1. I'm hot and cold about metal, depending on mood, and while I can appreciate Lemmy and company, that bluesy version is just awesome!

  2. Tom~ love it. Thought you'd dig these tunes too:

    A little Rock Sugar