Saturday, October 30, 2010

See how they fly

Just returned home from a brisk 90 minute fitness bike's sunny and 29 degrees here in Boone.  One thing old master man has to deal with is very easily chilled fingers and toes. Seems I can't wear enough fabric to keep them from stinging.  Bad circulation, maybe Guillain-Barre related.  I had it in 1993...if you're not aware of what GBS is, Google it.

Shot at right was taken during girl's regional cross country finals this morning.  Wondered if the athletes might not have worn a bit more fabric in this snappy weather, but they're young and I'm not.  So I watched the pack bust out of the gate and into the woods.  This photo is about two miles in...the fast runners were way off the front and the rank and file runners struggled.  When I saw some of the girls way off the back, I wondered why they were participating.  Is belonging that important?

But as we all know, some must win and some must lose.  Sure am glad I found ultrarunning, where finishing is a way.  That's where I landed and I'm an off the back sort of individual, so for every young athlete who ran the regionals this morning, here's a tip of the old master competitor running hat.

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