Friday, October 29, 2010


Had a wonderful run this morning.  Sunny and 39 degrees.  Just right with shorts, long sleeve tech top, gloves and cap.  Ran up the hill on campus and into the trails.  Found yet another path into woods and followed it to who knows where, but when I saw houses on the ridge I turned back.  I love to run and explore new terrain and there's plenty more at Appalachian State than what I'm currently running.

As always, a stop at the prayer tower.  I hold a list of friends in my mind whom always get my meditation, asking that God would bring them peace in tough situations.  Then always a few words for myself.  I can't explain it but for the first time in about 38 years I'm OK with myself and where I'm at in life.  It wasn't about me trying - I've done that for years - but for some reason I'll never understand, God simply allowed it. So here I am, faults and all, OK with master man.  Never thought I'd get to this place, yet here I am.

I'm getting deeper into the My Plate software on  What I have my eye on now is the pie chart for carbs, proteins and fats.  I'm hovering around 67% carbs, 15% protein and 15% fats.  The 40/30/30 model is the optimum way to go.  I got fatted up in the mid 90's via a stressful job and got into the PR Bar plan at that time.  Dropped 15 pounds doing the 40/30/30 model so I know it works.  I need to lean back into the high protein bars and may have to go with the EAS whey protein from Sam's Club.  When you have all the inputs from My Plate you can track your content and that's why I'm now looking at a new plan.

Supplements...can we ever get enough?  I like the Ben Greenfield podcasts but if I'd take his recommendations I'd be into $100-$200 a month on added goodies.  I'm just not that into it.  I'm a recreational athlete who is a Sam's Club level guy...give me the Glucosamine with MSM, an old man multivitamin and the Omega 3-6-9 oil and I'm good.  As much as I'll invest in this old body.

My side/IT band thing has downgraded to almost nothing and I'll tell you why.  I owned it and overcame it.  I don't have kids, but I think managing an injury is like disciplining a kid.  The injury may cry and pout (i.e. make pain) but in the end you have to let it know who's running the show.  I pampered my side with ultrasound and ice and Aleve and it just roared in defiance; then I showed it who was master when I did those back to back 50K's at New River and Cumberland Trail.  That's just how I roll, I do believe the mind controls the outcome of the body.

Had Magic Cycles snug up the rear hub on my 29er, so I'm ready to roll Sunday at Kerr Scott Dam.  Tomorrow is a regional cross country meet at the greenway area, so I'll cruise an easy ride on my fitness bike and watch some of that action.

How good can life be?  I'm rich in a dozen ways other than money.  You can keep the gold, just let me live the life God has given me.

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