Thursday, October 14, 2010

Package deal

I've mentioned on prior posts that my current state of being is centered in Boone, NC at  Appalachian State University.

And as part of that relationship, I'm pleased to announce it's a total package deal.  ASU provides a full time salary, my living quarters (faculty in residence) and four (4) fitness facilities that meet every need, inclusive of group classes (i.e. yoga and spin) and recreation clubs.

Photo above is the Mt. Mitchell fitness center, nestled on the third floor of the student union.  What does the university charge me for this complete package?  Well, it's way over the top...$4 pre-tax per month.

So, I use it all and I use it often.  I figure that if ASU gives away its fitness facilities at almost free, it wants to encourage me to "be all that I can be" and I plan to do just that.

This morning I was a bit lazy, so I did 30 minutes on the elliptical, hit a few resistance machines and then jumped into the yoga stretch class for an hour.  Someone pinch me, wake me up, and tell me this is work.

I had a thought this week:  My life is a bit like bookends.  My first job out out college - Cycle News - stands the test of time as a great season of life.  And now this, a professor at Appalachian State.  Not a bad gig, either.  So from then to now, I'm living a preferred life and thank God each and every day.

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  1. Nice. Any extra room on those treadmills?:)