Monday, October 11, 2010

New River 50K and other life updates
Slugged my way through the New River 50K this past Saturday.  Great sunny day, great event, and not so great results.

I hate being old and slow.  I was whining to a new running friend, David King, about my current state of oldness and disability with this side/hip/IT band thing. He stated, "you have to know your limits" and then charged ahead to beat me by 4 minutes.  Saw his name in the results, he's 64!

Race was a gentle, flat out and back on the New River and Chestnut Creek paths in the New River State Park. Annette Bednosky, an elite ultrarunner and event promoter, was on top of the details.  She awarded each runner with a Nathan hand held bottle and each aid station offered a cornucopia of PowerBar products.  My new favorite were little cookies and cream sampler packs. Guess that good taste took some attention away from my side ache. Each step was a hassle and it was pretty bad at the turnaround...that left my 15 miles to get back to the car!

Anyway, I gimped in for a 5:51 finish, 89th out of 130 runners.  Slow and mopey, that's old master man. Great community lunch afterwards...we were encouraged to bring our own bowls and spoons to cut down on waste. Nice touch, good people.

Hit the ice and Advil Saturday evening, went to church Sunday, then went mountain biking at Kerr Scott Dam. Completed my usual 18 mile ride, slow and steady. Then did what I should have been doing all along and went to a yoga class last night.

This morning I felt ripped and ready, so I hit the commuter bike for 90 minutes. Check out the apparel...this is how master competitor rolls. Remember the Scott Tinley line of triathlon apparel?  I found these classic tights in the depths of a storage box...waist elastic stretched and tore - it was that brittle - so I had to hold them up with the tie string.

I realize that fashion is mix and match. I just felt so together this morning.  The claw style Pearl Izumi gloves in green accentuate the package, don't you think?

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  1. Anonymous5:56 AM

    Dig the tights. I still have a old pair that I keep around. I'm afraid to wear them as my family would totally freak out....