Friday, October 08, 2010

I have a funny feeling...

Remember that horse elixir I was telling you about?  The pain is my thumb and hip have decreased, but there seem to be side effects that were not listed on the product information. My thoughts seem so small today...

We're still getting some gorgeous fall weather in the NC mountains.  I was headed for the pool today, but instead was outside my apartment at 7 am changing a rear flat on my commuter bike.  Once that was done I rolled and what a wonderful ride.  Met an older guy who was out on a retro bike, doing his one hour loop.  We visited, rolled slow, and let the fresh air and sunshine enter our bodies.  How much better can it get?

I know the bad climate will be upon me soon, so I have been prepping for indoor exercise such as swimming. I really don't like the cocoon-like silence that comes with swimming, so I bought a new gadget that allows me to put the Zune in a water-tight case with special aqua earplugs. I picked up this Airhead Dry Pak model from

It's $29 plus shipping.  The construction is serious, this isn't an over-rated baggie.  The sound quality sounded tinny until my ears were submerged and then the sound came to life. Very nice.  Strange to be swimming slow, cool laps while listening to a biography of atomic bomb creator J. Robert Oppenheimer.  But it works for me.

I'm headed to the New River 50K in Fries, VA tomorrow morning.  It's a flat out and back in the New River State Park area.  Race promoter is Annette Bednosky, one of the fastest females in the sport today.  Thought master competitor should make a guest appearance.  Don't know if my side/IT band will take it, but I want to turn out and claim my tech shirt and Nathan hand held bottle pack...if I finish.

Listened to a recap from Trail Slammer regarding his grand slam this summer - four 100 mile ultras.  His bottom line is that he prepped hard on the training and diet, but was lack in one huge concept:  The mental aspect of how much one really intends to suffer.  That's something I can relate to right now.  The fire in my gut just isn't there and I don't know how much discomfort I want to endure.  I've never been fast, or for that matter talented.  But master man knew how to suffer long, hard and with conviction.  Wonder if I'll ever get that back, or if the party's over.  Time will tell.

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  1. Enjoy the race and the weekend - hope the side holds up.